Rita's 5 Generation Family Tree
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Allen Butler Cotten
Jesse Edward Boothe
Elizabeth Allen Cotten
Valentine Boothe
Annie Elizabeth Boothe
Maude M. (Mae) Frith
Joseph Daniel Boothe
Elisha Lott Cotten
Caroline Estelle (Carrie) Stutson
Joseph Ellis (El) Boothe
Jincy Eveline Hart
Laura Antionette Flowers
Elizabeth B. Edwards
Thomas Herbert (Tom) Frith
May Cornelia Watkins
William C. Boothe
Clarissa M. (Clara) O'Steen
William S. Stutson
Joseph C. Boothe
Charles Watkins
Anna Elizabeth O'Steen
Jesse (Jesse Jones) Hart
Angeline Florilla (Angie) Dempsey
Benjamin George Cotten
Elizabeth (Bettie) Cloyde
James Nelson Flowers
Sarah Morton McNally
William Frith
Susan Wilson
Rita Joan Boothe
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